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Impression Kit

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Impression Kits for Upper and Lower Teeth with Base and Catalyst Putty.

Impression kits are used if you would like to have night guards, sports mouthguard, Aligners, Palatal expander, etc. done by us.

This includes shipping and return to the Isle of Man.Made from PVS (polyvinyl silicone), a safe ingredient for taking moulds of teeth. It hardens within 2 minutes when the base and catalyst are mixed together.

Material for putty: Polyvinyl Silicone (PVS)


1. Choose a tray if upper or lower

2. Choose the size of the tray:

Child 4-7 - XS

Child 8-10 - S

Pre/Teens 11 - 18 - M

Adults - L / XL

3. Describe what you would like it to be used for in the notes? Study models, Whitening trays, Night guard, Palatal expander.

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