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You’ll find the Infinity family comes from many different backgrounds, and we work in an amazing variety of roles.

Yet, we are all united by the same passion to delight and are hungry to learn and share new skills.

Every day, we strive to bring our core values to life: respect, integrity, humility, courtesy, helpfulness and sincerity. All these ideas combine to make Infinity a unique culture to work in.

We are diverse, warm and caring but also demanding, dynamic and innovative

I found that Infinity is a family and they are the most supportive team I have ever worked with. I have never found a workplace that is genuinely interested in your growth as an individual but also not micromanaging or overbearing.
- Meghan, Dental Nurse Trainee



Are You A Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, A Registered Nurse, A Dental Therapist, A Dental Hygienist, A Level 4 Beauty Therapist, Or A Dental Nurse/Trainee?


It takes a very special kind of person to work at Infinity.

Someone with an eye for detail and the skills to perform.

Someone with an attitude to deliver and a passion to delight.

Are you Infinity?

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